Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone. 

I hope you all had a lovely time over the festive season eating far too much food and drinking the annual mulled wine and port- hopefully not just me?!

New Years resolutions for 2013 are: Be positive, creative and believe in myself a lot more. Most of all keep to my resolutions.

2013 - second week in already with lots to get on with. This year so far I have entered 2 competitions-

Buttercup China Mug competition 

This is the design I submitted for the competition and my design has been selected in the top 40 designs which is great! The next stage is to get selected into the top 10. The judging will happen on MONDAY so please if you could share with friends and family and help me get as many people to 'like' my design (only if you like it that is)

Here is the link to the Facebook to 'like' it.

Tigerprint Spots and Stripes Competition- 

As well as the Buttercup China I have entered the Tiger Print Competition. For this brief I looked into what colours and styles have been forecast for S/S14 and chose a palette to fit in with this. I also saw that watercolour and painterly designs are predicted to be big so decided to create dots and stripes using watercolours. This is a style that really enjoyed playing around with and will do so a bit more this year,

ABSPD Module 3-

 Starting on Monday can't wait to get stuck in to the final chapter of this course! I have come on leaps and bounds since module 2 and believe things can only go onwards and upwards from here. 


If you get a chance check out this blog hop it looks great and something I'd love to be apart of in the future, so many talented and inspirational designers out there!

Happy new year again,many thanks

Chloe xx

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  1. Just love those cats, Chloe - and the colours of your spots and stripes! All very dreamy :)