Tuesday, 16 April 2013

A little bit of a Textiles feature


Today I want to share with you a different feature. Some of my textile art has been featured on Pinso . It is great see to my other work which takes a bit of a back burner while i try to establish myself as a designer being appreciated. Thank you to Charlotte Langstroth for featuring my work. Charlotte is a fellow designer and ABSPD graduate you can check out here beautiful design work here 

Please feel free to read the article.  There are also many other talented creatives featured on the Pinso website.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Design Juices Feature

Hello everyone and happy friday!

This week I was delighted to find out I have been featured on Design Juices which is a great honour!

You can read the full feature if you click on the Design Juices link. There are so many great designers and artists featured on the site. It is well worth having a look. I just want to thank Jared Thompson of Design Juices for taking the time of putting this feature together.

Have a lovely weekend everyone x