Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tiger Print Black & White Competition

I have been away from my blog over the last few days as my laptop needed to be repaired. In this time I received some exciting news that one of my designs got short listed to be one of the top 25 designs in the Tiger Print Black & White Competition. I am extremely proud to have been selected as there were so many entries and I feel like a winner in my own right for this. Congratulations to the winner and other runners up it was a tough competition and a lot of talented designers entered.

I gained the inspiration for this design when I was in Bolivia and Peru. There were so many textile pieces about with tribal patterns that when I returned and saw that tribal would be a big trend I had the perfect material to use for my design. I created it using a paintbrush upside down and ink. I created the patterns after looking at varied shapes and patterns which a common in tribal prints and combined them together.

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